Couches EP

by Couches

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Recorded by: Michael Kuhn
Produced by: Christian Spence


released May 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Couches Charlotte, North Carolina

Will Irvin - Guitar/Vocals
Caiti Mason - Bass
Alex Ruiz - Drums

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Track Name: Coalbox
I want to hold your face to mine
we can implode over time
forget that I am similar to
everyone who has ever fucked you
I hate when you tell me not to stand so close to you
can you miss someone who's standing in the same room
we can spit fire soon enough for now I just want you
your pledge had holes from the start let it fall out of your mouth
fuck it
I'd rather die alone
than to forfeit everything you gave
that nobody else can even hold a candle to
so give all of your time
and possessions to me
consider it safe keeping
Track Name: Hey, Wanna Go Fishing?
It could be called a delusion of mine
I swear I look at you, and I realize
that I've been a liar, a vagrant, a thief
a captor of everything beautiful I see
I advocate every aspect of "Stockholm Syndrome"
to the extent that I believe that there is anything
righteous or just about the way I act
around you
I'm gonna lie for the rest of my life
I am alive when you nervously utter my name
breathe in the thought of loving someone else
let the tears surface, and exhale
there can't be a day when I think about
how much I still think about you
your voice is poison to my ears
I like it that way
don't ever change
and every time you say my name, acknowledge me, I'm there
resting in your skull
I swear to everything that made us what we were, I'll tear the states between us apart
Track Name: Lobster
God the sun is hot
it beats down on my face
I can't help but wonder if it's true
If I could live forever without you, live forever in doubt
I need to make my way to you without anyone's help
blistering feverish bouts with all of these deranged animals
I'm facing water it's too hot to make any sense
My blood begins to boil, to think I've lost it all for good
to think I gave myself to something I initially misunderstood
just one more fighting chance
I've simply got to make some progress
but it's all too late now, as I'm forced down to the ground.
I can't control or influence anything in or around me
so futile and worthless are all of my thoughts
I gave all I could to the man and so on
I'll live forever
feeling, it's fleeing, so faintly can I see your dim gray eyes
so littered with disgust
I know that you hate it
when I whisper in your ear, my dear
my tongue reeks of dishonesty and blatant attempts at chivalry